More of Flat Lola in NYC

#FlatLola and more of her shenanigans in NYC over the weekend. Thank you Melinda Hood ❤

#LolasBucketList #LoveLikeLola



Lola in Washington Square Park


Lola with Lilo at the Disney Store in Times Square


Lola in Times Square

1070107_10151795288190420_1953997325_nLegos that will be used in a Lego sculpture by artist Nathan Sawaya, The Art of The Brick



Lola just monkeying around at the Bronx Zoo


Lola with a black panther at the Bronx Zoo


Lola hanging out with some fish at the aquarium at the Bronx Zoo

Lola’s Bucket List Meets Flat Lola

As many of you know, Lola and I did not make it to NYC last week. Upon landing in Salt Lake City on a layover, she asked if we could go home. Instead of flying home, we decided to fly to Oakland instead and our NP picked us up from the airport. I had already called the hospital while in SLC so she was a direct admit when we arrived (thank you Connie for picking us up).

The difference between Wednesday and Thursday was like night and day. Changes to her pain and nausea medication are still going on, but we are happy that things are moving forward and she is, for the most part, without either.

So, in honor of Lola and #LolasBucketList, we’d like to invite you to participate and help her cross things off of her list! Some have been creative and printed out pics of her (Flat Lola) while they are doing things on her list. Some have held up signs with our hashtags on them (#LoveLikeLola #LolasBucketList #FlatLola).

If you post these pics on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), please use the hashtags above and also tag myself and Lola in the pics so that we see them =)

Lola: Twitter & Instagram — Lola_Scott1

Cherri: Twitter & Instagram — cherrichiodo

You can also email me the pics (I’d love to post them here on the blog) at LoveLikeLola143 (at) gmail (dot) com

Here are some pics of Flat Lola and her shenanigans in NYC and Orlando!!

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