Carve my name in a tree

The staff at Lola’s previous school (Edna Hill Middle School in Brentwood, CA) carved her name in the tree next to her friend Megan’s bench

tree4 tree3 tree2 tree1

Throw a drink in someone’s face

Thank you Cyndi and Connie ❤

As you can see, Lola never wanted to hurt a single soul but since it was on #LolasBucketList, she did it anyway (sorta =))!!!

drinkcyndi2 drinkcyndi1

Watch a Sunrise

Thank you Tamara for doing this for Lola ❤

Here’s your sunrise baby! All the way from Venice, Italy

#LolasBucketList #LoveLikeLola

The sunrise in Venice, Italy
The sunrise in Venice, Italy

More details on Lola’s Celebration of Life

More details about Lola’s Celebration of Life:

I am trying to get a “close” headcount on how many people will be coming. Can you please reply to this status or email Erin ( to let her know you will be attending.

For those of you who cannot make it AND in lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Lola’s memory to one of her favorite organizations:

Stupid Cancer
Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation
St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Two last things — Purple is Lola’s favorite color and we’d love it if you could wear purple to her celebration. If you would like to say a few words about Lola (or even sing her a song), please let me know and I will set aside time during the celebration for everyone to do so.

Remember to check with Erin first about the potluck that what we are now calling ‪#‎EatingLikeLola‬. The list of her fav foods is in the original post about her celebration.


Lola’s Celebration of Life


Lola’s Celebration of Life will be held on Sunday, September 8th (gotta love these eights!!!) from 1:30p – 4:30p at Cordova Community Center in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Address: 2197 Chase Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA

For those of you who will be flying in, Sacramento International will be your airport (Oakland and/or San Fran is about an hour and a half southwest).

This will be a potluck of all of Lauren’s favorite things and my amazing friend Erin will be coordinating. Below is the list. Please email or call Erin so she can mark stuff off as needed.
Cell: 925-487-7844

Potluck Food List
Chicken taquitos w/ guacamole
Potstickers w/ chowmein
Honey dew melon
Caesar Salad
Grilled shrimp
Granny Smith apples
Chocolate pudding cups
Reese’s sticks
Turkey/mayo/avocado sandwiches
Santa Cruz cherry lemonade
Taco Bell Doritos Tacos & bean burritos (w sour cream)

I’d like to thank everyone for all of your messages – I’ve tried over the last few days to read them all.


– Lola’s mom ❤

Always Love Like Lola

Lola’s eternal soul left this physical world on 8/8 at 8am – which we believe was her way of telling us that she will love us for eternity or infinity. She told me several times that she was not scared and that she was excited to start this next journey, knowing she would be greeted by Megan and Papa Perry and Mimi. While we are incredibly sad (death only sucks for the living), we can feel her joy at being able to dance and run, finally cancer free. She’s already sent us many signs that she will be by our side until we meet again.

She did not want a traditional funeral. We had a very small visitation for a few close friends and our immediate family at George Mark. She was, however, very specific about her Celebration of Life. I don’t have a date or venue yet, but I will post something as soon as I do.

Please remember that Lola would not want us to be sad. She was more worried about us than herself and we have to carry on, making sure that her legacy also lives on, in us.

As you go about your day, remember to always #LOVELIKELOLA

More to come
Peace and Love
– Lola’s mom ❤


Lola’s Bucket List Has Been Updated!

Please check out Lola’s bucket list – it’s been updated!

Our trip to LA was awesome! We arrived home yesterday, cutting the trip down by one day. We will be doing the same for our trip to NY, as Lola’s pain and nausea has been extremely difficult to manage. We are so thankful for TrinityKids Care hospice in LA/Orange County for making the necessary changes to her medications to make her trip a little easier.

I plan to make separate “gallery” pages to include all of our pics, especially the ones that Lola has been taking with her camera. I must say that she is a budding professional photographer! She has a creative eye for sure.

One thing that is not pictured is the psychic reading Lola had on Friday. It was amazingly profound and very personal. She spoke to Lola about her past lives, her journey in the physical world now and three of Lola’s loved ones came through to speak to her. IF she chooses to share details, I’ll let her write the blog post. Needless to say, it was something that both her and I needed in the middle of all this chaos. Thank you Erin for this.

I’d like to personally thank the following people who made our trip to LA so special. We love you all so much ❤

Ryan Coffelt – meeting Dan Smith was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Kelsey Doonan – thank you for making my beautiful princess a QUEEN.

Natashia Tomek – the clothes and shoes are “to die for”!

Dan Smith – your amazing creativity shows in both your tats and your music. Thank you for taking the time to meet Lola and give her your undivided attention. The poster is already hanging up!

Stacey Owens – without you, this trip would not have been possible. Thank you for letting Lola drive your jeep and for the fancy hotel room at The Luxe. We felt like royalty ❤

Marz T and Lisa Le – just the drive over from the hotel was ONE OF A KIND! We just love being around y’all. Your sense of humor is contagious! Thanks for the laughs!!

Kerri Toepfer – not only was the massage on the beach UHmazing, but your energy was infectious. We are so thankful that we got to meet you and hang out!

Jason and Erica Mlot – I know we didn’t get to do what we had planned, but we are so grateful that y’all came up on Friday and had dinner. The conversation was hilarious at times, but who doesn’t love a belly laugh!

Tamara Young and Marti Davis – what can I say? You opened your home to Lola and I and made us feel like family. I will forever cherish the sounds of laughter coming from the girls room and the fun we had in “the OC” =) We love you and hope to see you soon! Oh, and Marti – I’ll be sending you summor’ of Minnie’s SHIT PIE!!! xoxoxo

We are OFF to NYC on Wednesday to visit more of our Stupid Cancer friends (Kenny or John, you gonna let Lola throw a drink in your face? =p) stay tuned for more of our adventures #LolasBucketList