About Lola

Lauren “Lola” Scott was diagnosed with metastatic retroperitoneal undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma on December 3rd, 2009. She has endured five different chemotherapy protocols, 36 radiation treatments to her pelvis (that caused her to go into early menopause and stunted the growth of her uterus) and two relapses.

On June 10th 2013, we were told that the disease in her lungs has continued to grow in spite of the cryoablation that was performed to freeze the tumor in her right lung. Conventional therapy is no longer an option. She has started on RSO (aka Rick Simpson Oil, aka Cannabis Oil) in the hopes of shrinking the tumors.

This blog will be used to chronicle Lola’s quest to complete her “working” bucket list – aka Lola’s Bucket List aka #LolasBucketList

When sharing this blog with your friends and family, be sure to hashtag (#) LolasBucketList AND LoveLikeLola so we can keep up with the love ❤

Helpful links

Donate to #LolasBucketList here: https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/y8d2/lola-s-cancer-treatment-fund (please share this link with all of your friends and family <3)

Our Facebook page: http://facebook.com/TeamLola

Follow Lola on Instagram and Twitter at @Lola_Scott1

9 thoughts on “About Lola

  1. Hi lola, seen ur story on fox4 news. Keepp ur hopes n spirits hi. Im. Prayn. 4 u. N god bless!

  2. Hello Beautiful Angel, I also saw you on Fox News. you just flew right into my heart, I will keep watching to see what all you do, I send a kiss for each cheek.

  3. Dear Lola, You are in our prayers. Please do some research on Redox Signaling Molecules. The scientist who discovered these molecules in our body received the Nobel Prize for Medicine. There is abundant evidence that supplementing with these molecules does have a very good and profound impact on our health. I speak from personal experience. Because of FDA restrictions, I can’t say more, but please do yourself a favor and check this out. http://www.amazingmolecules.com

    1. Hi Lola, You will be included in my daily prayers from this day forward. I just want to say that you are a truly amazing and beautiful woman. I am also a cancer survivor. Each day that you live… you are a survivor. I had rectal cancer and I understand about the radiation treatments to the pelvic region. I only had 28 but they were hard enough. I can only imagine going through more. Lola, I suffered from a lot of depression with my cancer and it caused me to lose my husband. Please keep that beautiful smile on your face. I just know that God’s got good things in store for you honey!! I’ll be praying. CC

  4. Your a very brave young lady. Although i am going through my wn illness, you give me strength and hope. Thank you.

  5. Lola,

    I hope you get through your list! I am trying to spread the word about your website and Facebook page.


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