Highlight Video from Lola’s Celebration

Tuesday marked two months since Lola passed away (GOD I hate that term, but “died” isn’t a word I will EVER use because she DID NOT die). The days are longer than ever and I often find myself lost and confused. It still seems very surreal. I tried to unpack and reorganize all of her stuff and I got as far as opening the lid of the first box. I’m not ready.

I am still getting messages from complete strangers on how Lola touched their life or my favorite, testimonials that she has been visiting more people than just me ❤

My mom will be going back to Texas soon and I hope to get a part time job before she leaves. I am not afraid of being here in the house alone, but others are … go figure. So between the creation of The Love Like Lola Foundation and a part time job to take up my time should be just what the doctor ordered for my own personal grieving process. I am so psyched about getting started on the foundation and carrying on Lauren’s legacy, something she was very passionate about.

Below is the video link to the “highlight” slideshow of Lauren’s Celebration of Life … better late than never right? =) As far as I can tell, the video is NOT available via mobile (sorry, copyright infringement issues on the song I chose to play at the end). It will be best viewed on your laptop or PC. Thank you to everyone who came out to honor Lauren. The Celebration was amazing and literally standing room only. A special thank you goes out to both Erin McHugh and Allison Pack for organizing the #EatLikeLola potluck and to everyone who brought one of Lauren’s favorites food items. (We are STILL eating pudding cups!!!) I’d also like to thank Nicole, Alyssa, Sierra, Lexi and Jason for your GREAT “Lola stories” and kind words and Avery and Eldon for their beautiful performances. We were so touched by all of you.

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