Update 07.08.13

Lola update: Lola has been feeling nauseous with severe back pain the last 24 hours. She has little to no appetite as well. I am not sure if the breakthrough morphine has caused this nausea/appetite loss or not. I ended up giving her an anti-emetic suppository last night as she couldn’t seem to keep anything down. She has also had difficulty breathing (more taking a deep breath) so she has been on the O2 concentrator since early yesterday. We will be meeting with our hospice nurse, the doctor and the NP today here at home to go over some of this stuff as well as a port flush. We are scheduled to fly down to LA tomorrow so I am praying that she wakes up feeling better today. I know it would just break her heart if she couldn’t make these scheduled trips this month and I am not sure I could handle that right now.

As many of you know, one of ‎#LolasBucketList items is to meet Talia Castellano, Angels for Talia. Detailed recent posts from her family say that she is mostly sleeping and really only waking to go to the restroom. She too has been dealing with a lot of pain and nausea. This is all very upsetting to Lola for many obvious reasons. Lola has followed Talia for almost two years now and she has been such an inspiration to Lola in her own journey.

Please lift up Talia and Lola in your prayers today. Both of these girls aspire to inspire and they have done that and so much more in their short time hear on Earth.

One thought on “Update 07.08.13

  1. I’m praying you get to do the important things before any more pain . You have suffered way to long but you are a fighter you always have been . We love you dearly the Fleigs Luna & Rodney

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