Lola’s Bucket List

From my post on Instagram:
So the hospice nurse just came over, it was a pretty heavy conversation. We talked about oxygen tubes, how my body will slow down, how I want to go & DNR papers. It was really scary. It got me to thinking what I want to do before I go. So here are a few things I wrote down the last few days. I want to post a picture of everything I can accomplish and hashtag it as #lolasbucketlist and if you have any suggestions hashtag it under that! I also want to thank Teddy Mack who donated a parasailing trip in Tahoe for me! #bucketlist #hospice #lolasbucketlist #parasailing #stupidcancer #fuckcancer #fxckcancer #childhoodcancer #sarcoma #DNR #scared #rarecancer #lungtumors #lovelikelola

Lola's Bucket List


I’ll be posting pics and video of my quest to complete this “summer” bucket list so stay tuned!!!!

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